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The Aloha Cap

$22.68 +GST

The Angler Cap

$22.68 +GST

The Cerveza Cap

$22.68 +GST

The Islander Cap

$22.68 +GST

The Kahuna Cap

$22.68 +GST

The Palms Cap

$22.68 +GST

The Paradiso Cap

$22.68 +GST

The Salem Cap

$22.68 +GST

The Nicklaus Bucket Hat

$27.27 +GST

The Palmer Hat

$45.41 +GST

Rain Bucket Hat

$36.36 +GST

Classic Fit Cotton Lightweight Cap

$22.68 +GST

Mid Fit Lightweight Tech Cap

$22.68 +GST

Extreme Solid Cap

$22.68 +GST

Structured Heather Solid Cap

$22.68 +GST

Heather Cotton Cap

$31.77 +GST

Classic Rain Cap

$27.23 +GST

Collegiate Washed Two Tone Cap

$22.68 +GST

Vintage Solid Cap

$22.68$24.95 +GST

Chino Solid Velcro Cap

$22.68 +GST

Browse Our Comprehensive Range of Men’s Golf Caps

Players tend to utilise favourable outdoor conditions that require high-quality and trendy men’s golf caps. Whether you wear one to make a fashion statement or to protect your face, you’ll be sure to find your ideal headwear at Cutter & Buck.


A Guide to Golf Hats – Men’s

If you’re an enthusiastic golfer who spends hours under the hot sun, then you may want to invest in some form of a golf hat. Many styles are on offer, each providing its own set of benefits. The type you choose to represent you will not only provide protection from the harsh elements but also add to your overall look.

    • Ball cap. If you’re looking for practical headwear while still keeping up with the latest fashion trends, then our range of men’s ball caps are ideal for you. The adjustable fit allows for freedom of movement during your game, while the peak blocks out the sun when taking that all-important swing. The wide variety of colours enables everyone to find their perfect shade that matches any golfing outfit. When you’re on the green, your competition will know you mean business, with a classic look that’s reminiscent of former and current golf pros.


    • Visor. If you prefer to keep the top of your head exposed, a visor fits your needs. A wide-brimmed visor functions similarly to a ball cap but may even be better at keeping the sun off your face and out of your eyes. It’s easy to make a fashion statement with our funky colours and designs. Just like our ball caps, our visors come in solid colours too, which makes your decisions easier when choosing your style.


  • Bucket hat. The hats that are usually associated with fishing can come in handy during your golf game too. Our bucket hats sport a wide brim around the whole hat for a more comprehensive cover-up from the elements. Switch up the look by folding up the brim, doubling up as a cooler, alternative style. Our range comes in both solid colours and simple prints catering to everyone’s unique tastes.


The Evolution of Men’s Golf Hats

Golf headwear has seen a massive evolution throughout the decades, and today, golf hats span a broad spectrum.

    • The 80s saw an absence of headwear, with many players sporting the commando look. Many clubhouses did not allow wearing hats inside, so many considered any kind of hats as tactless or rude


    • The 80s clothing style was a lot more formal than modern gear, with V-neck sweaters, formal pants, and smart golf shoes, so the absence of a hat complimented the outfits.


  • The 90s introduced many hat styles, all complimenting the golf attire. Since headgear was an untapped market, many companies introduced different styles, including men’s straw hats, golf beanies, and fedoras.


Why Trust Us Regarding Men’s Wide Brim Golf Hats

Our passion for golf, paired with the ever-increasing need for quality golfing attire, enables us to perfect our range and offer only the best men’s golfing attire to provide you with comfort and style. For more information on our men’s range, contact us.