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Ladies Cascade Eco Sherpa Vest

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$127.27 +GST

Ladies Charter Eco Anorak Jacket

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$127.27 +GST

Ladies Charter Eco Full Zip Jacket

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$127.27 +GST

Ladies Charter Eco Vest

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$104.55 +GST

Ladies Daybreak Full Zip Hoodie

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$109.09 +GST

Ladies Evoke Eco Hybrid Jacket

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$190.91 +GST

Ladies Evoke Eco Hybrid Vest

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$172.73 +GST

Ladies Evoke Eco Softshell Jacket

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$181.82 +GST

Ladies Mainsail Full Zip Jacket

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$177.27 +GST

Ladies Cascade Eco Sherpa Full Zip Jacket

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$150.00 +GST

Ladies Colorado Jacket

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$209.09 +GST

Ladies Mission Ridge Jacket

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$272.73 +GST

Ladies Rainier Jacket

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$200.00 +GST

Ladies Navigate Softshell

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Ladies Mainsail Vest

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$154.55 +GST

Ladies Mainsail Hooded Jacket

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$177.27 +GST

We stock women's jackets and vests that help you stay warm and cozy during colder weather. Our ladies’ outerwear keeps you comfortable with soft, breathable inner- and protective outer layers that can withstand almost any weather.

We use high-quality fabrics for all our garments, so they’re durable and colour-fast, making them look and feel newer for longer.

With hoodies, half-zips, softshells and formal jackets, our women's winter wear range has something for everyone.

Explore Our Bestselling Women's Jackets

From hiking the hills to hitting a golf ball or enjoying a cup of coffee in the fresh outdoors, a stylish, warm, and versatile women’s jacket is an essential wardrobe item. Whether your favourite outdoor adventure is skiing the slopes or walking your dog, we carefully design quality sports jackets and women’s vests to meet your fashion and activity requirements.

We supply premium women's jackets across Australia to suit outdoor lovers and ladies with active lifestyles who want comfort and durability without compromising style. Our versatile range will help you build the perfect capsule wardrobe with timeless staples, suitable for work, gym, running errands, and adventuring outdoors.

Explore our best-sellers below:

These insulated jackets keep you warm and cosy during winter with a weather-proof outer layer and soft inner lining. We offer water-resistant jackets that keep you dry during rainy walks to work or morning runs, with temperature-rated options for overnight hikes and outdoor dinners. Choose a hoodie for extra warmth or a collared puffer jacket for a smarter look.

Our puffer jackets also come in sleeveless styles that provide extra warmth for your chest without adding bulk under your coat sleeves. Our collared softshell vests work well as women's business jackets, perfect over a dress shirt for casual meetings and work events. Their zippered pockets protect your phone and other valuables when you’re on the go.

Our soft and cozy outer layers are the perfect piece of women's activewear. These jackets come in half-zip and full-zip styles as hoodies, turtlenecks, and collared polos. Many of our softshell jackets are wind and water-resistant, making them suitable for hiking, biking, running and boating in the cold.

How to Shop for Ladies Puffer Jackets?

Rising to popularity in the 1990s, quality puffer jackets embody warmth and make a stylish finishing touch to any outdoor winter outfit.

The amount of warmth a puffer jacket provides depends on the insulation. We fill our ladies’ puffer vests and jackets with PrimaLoft®. Invented in the 1980s for the US Army, this microfibre thermal insulation meets the needs of those who lead an active lifestyle. Our jackets are water-resistant, breathable, and easy to pack down into a small pouch.

With various designs on the market, you can readily own a fitting puffer jacket that complements your figure. Take note of a puffer jacket’s design and opt for one that displays both horizontal and vertical stitching. Our Rainer camo print jacket boasts a square quilted pattern that keeps the ‘puff’ to a minimum, yet you’ll still benefit from the comfort, style, and warmth from the puffer layer. The smaller stitched squares give a more fitted and functional style that lasts longer.

Whether you’re swinging a golf club on the fairway or carving down the mountain on your skis, a lightweight outer layer gives you the ability to move freely. With our lightweight, water and wind-resistant Rainier puffer jacket and vest, you can get adequate protection from the cold. The slim, stylish, and versatile design makes it perfect for stopping off at a café after a walk or wearing over any outfit when popping down to the shops or rushing to the office.

We have an extensive range of colours so you can select a jacket that complements your wardrobe.

A Short Buyers Guide Regarding Our Ladies’ Sport Jackets

We understand that ladies’ jackets should be functional and stylish. We provide a range of sports jackets featuring various fabrics and designs to meet the requirements of different active lifestyles.

This jacket is essential for every woman’s wardrobe, from running errands to hiking in the hills. The classic front zip design makes it easy to get into while on the run and can take you from casual everyday wear to the perfect rain jacket over your work outfit. The WeatherTex polyester and spandex provide exceptional comfort and repel water, while the stow-away hood allows you to change up the look as required.

Our Rainier jacket is a must-have item for every adventurer. It’s ideal for winter temperatures with its elastic cuffs preventing cold air from travelling up your sleeves, a collared neck, and zip pockets. The lightweight material makes movement effortless, and you can pack the jacket down into the left pocket for a convenient travel accessory.

Waterproof up to 1000mm and featuring microfleece lining, the Clique Telemark softshell jacket provides ample protection from cold and wet weather. The Velcro cuffs allow you to adjust the size and trap the warmth inside. We offer a selection of colours, including bright, bold hues, complementing grey and classic black.

Our jackets are available in various sizes, from extra small to triple XL.

Why Buy Ladies’ Jackets from Cutter and Buck?

We provide exceptional customer service with our extensive industry experience, quality products, and size inclusivity. We are continually improving our jacket designs and product offerings to meet the requirements of our customers’ active lifestyles and style demands.

We understand that shopping online can make it challenging to know the exact sizing of garments, so we offer an effortless and hassle-free return policy within 30 days of your purchase date. Besides, you can order our women's jackets online through our secure shopping portal or get yours in-store at any of our nationwide stockists.

Contact us with any enquiries or order online for prompt delivery in Australia.