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Cascade Eco Sherpa Vest

(0 customer review)
$127.27 +GST

Men’s Charter Eco Recycled Anorak Jacket

(0 customer review)
$127.27 +GST

Men’s Charter Eco Recycled Full Zip Jacket

(0 customer review)
$127.27 +GST

Men’s Charter Eco Vest

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$105.55 +GST

Men’s Evoke Eco Hybrid Jacket

(0 customer review)
$190.91 +GST

Men’s Evoke Eco Softshell Jacket

(0 customer review)
$181.82 +GST

Men’s Roam Eco Full Zip Jacket

(0 customer review)
$122.73 +GST

Men’s Evoke Eco Hybrid Vest

(0 customer review)
$172.73 +GST

Cascade Eco Sherpa Full Zip Jacket

$150.00 +GST

Cascade Eco Sherpa Half Zip Jacket

$140.91 +GST

Men’s Equinox Softshell Jacket

$113.64 +GST

Men’s Equinox Softshell Vest

$100.00 +GST

Adapt Hybrid Full Zip

(1 customer review)
$118.18 +GST

Men’s Colorado Jacket

$209.09 +GST

Men’s Mission Ridge Jacket

$272.73 +GST

Men’s Rainier Camo Print Jacket

$200.00 +GST

Men’s Rainier Camo Print Vest

$177.27 +GST

Men’s Stealth Half Zip

(1 customer review)
Original price was: $109.05.Current price is: $63.64. +GST

Men’s Vapor Jacket

$259.09 +GST

Men’s Rainier Vest

(0 customer review)
$177.27 +GST

Stay Warm and Stylish When You Step Outside With Our Men’s Jackets

Our selection of men’s jackets keep you cosy and looking good when you’re out on your next adventure. From enjoying a coastal breeze to seeking new off-road paths with your friends and family. Brave the rain with a smile on your face and a Cutter & Buck jacket on your back and live with the spirit of the Pacific Northwest.


Types of Men’s Jackets in Australia We Can Provide to Our Clients

We have a broad selection of jackets – and other men’s clothing products – to choose from to help you keep warm or dry no matter the occasion. Consider some of the types we can provide when you’re looking for a new addition to your winter wardrobe:

    • We have hoodies for casual-wear lovers. Hoodies make the ideal companion to any outfit, whether you prefer a semi-formal look or a casual look. Whatever your preference, our hoodies are sure to suit your outdoorsy lifestyle.


    • If you’re looking for something that can handle serious weather, our puffer jackets are right for the job. These jackets provide more heat insulation than hoodies and provide wind and water resistance to keep you unaffected by harsh weather for longer. These jackets also include concealed hoods and zippered pockets, so even if you forget your gloves, you’ll be fine.


    • If you’re someone with an active lifestyle, our men’s sports jackets will suit you. These eye-catching jackets don’t just look fantastic but bring excellent value with their CB WeatherTec fabrication, which provides reliable weather resistance. Who said that you should sacrifice style for comfortable, weatherproof gear?



Style Tips When You’re Wearing Men’s Puffer Jackets or Vests

Men’s puffer vests can round out any winter wardrobe, but do you know how to get the most stylistic value from it? Consider the following ways in which you can get the most out of your outfit when wearing a puffer jacket or vest:

    • You can sport the vests for a business casual outfit on the breezy, not-too-cold days. Couple them with a thin, long-sleeve undershirt, and you’re all set. You’ll look professional enough for work but feel casual enough for optimal comfort.


    • If you’re after casual outfits, both the vests and the jackets can work. There’s no reason you can’t wear either over a t-shirt with your favourite pair of jeans and sneakers. If it gets too cold outside, the jacket will obviously be the better choice, but if you’re just looking for some wind resistance, the vest is perfect.


    • You can wear the vests over your warm clothes for extra protection. Couple a puffer vest with a nice jersey, and you’re all set to brave those adventures even in the cold. With the ability to round out casual or semi-formal outfits, these vests provide all the flexibility you want with a piece of warm clothing.


At the end of the day, your style is a personal choice, and you should always wear what makes you feel comfortable and what looks the best. After all, we encourage the pioneers to pave their own way.


Why Every Man Should Consider Getting Men’s Hoodies or Other Jackets

A jacket is an ideal addition to any wardrobe, regardless of whether you prefer a formal or casual look. The right jackets also keep you comfortably warm when it’s cold outside so that you can go for the trip you planned regardless of the weather. Go explore and find new sights to take in with Cutter & Buck on your back.

Get your hands on a new jacket for your wardrobe today, or surprise a loved one with a stylish new addition to their wardrobe.