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Our Classic Men’s Polos Suit Your Modern Lifestyle

Always a timeless classic, our modern take on men’s Polos bring style to the table regardless of the event. Whether your plans include styling up for a meeting, stepping out for a drink with friends, or setting off on a new off-road adventure with the family.


Some Style Advice When You’re Wearing Our Polo Men’s Tops

Unlike regular t-shirts, a Polo has an air of sophistication around it. But luckily, that doesn’t mean it’s meant only for sophisticated situations. These shirts are ideal for most events, and to help you get the style right, we put together a few pointers for you:

  • Polos are ideal for casual events. These events can include anything from going out with your friends to your favourite casual restaurant, going to the beach, or even just looking great at home. Pair them with your jeans, sweatpants, or shorts and make any outfit stand out.

  • Polos can accommodate your ‘smart-but-not-too-smart’ outfits. Maybe you prefer some flair with your blazer and trousers, but you want to keep it more casual underneath. Polos are an excellent choice when you want smart casual with a twist.

  • If you need something more on the semi-formal side, why not try Polos and a chino? These two pieces of clothing go together perfectly and can help you feel comfortable while looking formal. Keep it tucked for a more formal look or untucked for a less formal look.

Always remember that your Polo should fit comfortably. If it’s too tight or too loose, it’s not the right fit for you. Luckily, we have a range of sizes to choose from, so you can be sure to look and feel your best.


Our Mission When Providing You With Men’s Polo Shirts

At Cutter & Buck, we aim to please, but in an authentic way. We prefer to say no to the stock-standard, cookie-cutter styles so that we can bring our own flair to the table. So, what is our main priorities when providing you with stylish men’s shirts?

  • It starts with quality. If there’s one thing any fashionable man knows, it’s that the quality of the clothes plays a massive role. The right fabrics and stitching keep your clothes fitted properly to accentuate the right features. Our polyester and spandex combinations allow us to keep the shirts anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, and comfortably stretchy.

  • Second is the style. Aside from the broad polo shirt style, we want you to have the ability to fine-tune according to your own tastes. With a range of patterns and colours to choose from, the style we provide is always flexible.

  • All about accessibility. Whether you prefer to shop retail or online, we aim to make our services accessible to suit your preference. Accessibility means we get our products to everyone who wants them, regardless of where they are or what size they prefer.

  • Finally comes the dash of the Pacific Northwest. Our stylistic designs capture the adventurous spirit of those who love the Pacific Northwest. The only thing that rivals our drive to take in every magnificent view is our taste in sophisticated, fashionable clothing. And we want to share that with everyone.


About Us and The History of Our Selections for Men’s Crewnecks

With our origin as far back as 1990, we set up in Seattle, inspired by active lifestyles and the adventurous, electric spirit of the Pacific Northwest. Our clothes are all about comfort and attention to detail, which means our clients have access to tremendous stylistic choice that would blend with any existing wardrobe.

Find your perfect fit and style to compliment the men’s tees in our shop.