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Ladies Cascade Eco Sherpa Full Zip Jacket

$140.91 +GST

Ladies Cascade Eco Sherpa Half Zip Jacket

$131.82 +GST

Ladies Equinox Softshell Jacket

$99.99 +GST

Ladies Equinox Softshell Vest

$77.26 +GST

Ladies Colorado Jacket

$209.08 +GST

Ladies Mission Ridge Jacket

$254.54 +GST

Stockholm Crewneck Sweatshirt

$59.05 +GST

Stockholm Sweatpant

$59.05 +GST

Ladies Pacific Pull On Skort

$118.14 +GST

Ladies Pacific Pull On Short

$118.14 +GST

Ladies All Around 5 Pocket Pant

$90.86 +GST

Ladies Shoreline Half Zip

$105.45 +GST

Ladies Saturday Crew Neck Sweatshirt

$79.95 +GST

Ladies Lakemont V Neck Sweater

$120.00 +GST

Ladies Playlist Tee

$27.23 +GST

Ladies Advantage Polo

$81.77 +GST

Ladies’ Prospect Polo

$63.59 +GST

Ladies Genre Polo

$72.68$77.23 +GST

Ladies Forge Polo

$81.77 +GST

Ladies Clique Charge Active Polo

$45.41 +GST

We Offer Stylish, Practical, and Comfortable Women’s Golf Wear

We understand the need for sports clothing to be comfortable and practical so you can perform at your best. Our women’s golf wear not only meets these requirements, but they are fashionable and made from top-quality materials to endure the elements and regular wearing and washing. We have a wide selection to choose from, all meeting the dress code requirements of golf courses. Why not browse our variety of ladies’ golf tops, bottoms, ankle socks, gambler hats, peak caps, and visors?


What To Look for When Purchasing Women’s Golf Tops

The first thing to consider is the dress code requirements. Most golf clubs follow the same standards and do not allow regular t-shirts, so make sure to look through our wide range of polo shirts. Style and comfort are also important. There is no reason you can’t look and feel good on the golf course. You will be walking a considerable distance and carrying your golf bag, so choose light colours as they absorb less heat from the sun.

    • The fit of your shirt is vital, and it should fit closely without being tight and restrictive. Baggy and oversized shirts do not work for golf. They get in the way and could ruin that perfect swing or putt. Our shirts come in different cuts that vary slightly to cater to your body type and style preference.


    • Ensure that the fabric is lightweight, comfortable, breathable, durable, and easy to care for. Select a shirt in a wrinkle-resistant material so you can look crisp and neat while enjoying your game. Pure cotton shirts are soft, allow good breathability, properties to keep you cool. Polyester fabric is also practical and widely used for golf shirts. Polyester and spandex blends provide extra stretch, allowing effortless movement when you need to release a powerful swing.


    • With the harmful effects of the sun and UV radiation increasing, many golf shirts include technology that provides a UPF rating of 50 plus. It is still important to use sun protection lotion, though. Long sleeve polo shirts with UV protection and moisture-wicking properties can help provide protection from the sun and keep you cool.


  • There’s no need to put off your round due to cool or cold weather or light rain. We have a wide selection of jackets and vests with microfleece lining. Some come in a waterproof fabric and reflective print, which is great in low-light conditions. We also have Rainier jackets and vests that are great for the winter. They are lightweight, wind and water-resistant, have a concealed hood, and you can pack them inside the left pocket.


Our Ladies’ Golf Pants and Other Bottoms Options for a Comfortable Round of Golf

Most golf clubs allow some choices in what women can wear when they play a round of golf on their course. Pants will provide protection from the sun and warmth on cooler days, but ultimately you need to decide how you feel most comfortable. Women can also wear golf dresses, shorts, and skorts. Our range of ladies’ bottoms all pairs perfectly with our ladies’ golf shirts.

    • Our ladies’ pants are available in nylon and spandex blends or cotton twill and spandex blends. Both allow some stretch and contain technology to keep moisture off your skin.


    • The Fab Fit Short range, made from anti-microbial fabric, comes with a tummy control waistband and keeps you dry. Anti-microbial fabric promotes moisture evaporation and protects against bacteria, mould, mildew, algae, some viruses, and other microbes. The Pacific pull-on ladies’ golf shorts offer moisture control and provide UPF 50 plus sun protection.


  • The fabric of our women’s golf skorts is an anti-microbial polyester and spandex blend. They are lightweight, breathable with a four-way stretch, and are incredibly comfortable. They have moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool and dry and UPF 50 plus sun protection.


Why Choose Cutter & Buck for Your Golfing Attire

We provide top-quality, practical, comfortable, and stylish golf wear for women. We ensure you can perform to the best of your ability without restrictive clothing. Cutter & Buck stands for an active lifestyle, and we promote versatile garments so you can pop in at the shops after your game, still looking chic.

Contact us for any assistance in finding the proper golfing attire for your needs.