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Cascade Eco Sherpa Full Zip Jacket

$140.91 +GST

Cascade Eco Sherpa Half Zip Jacket

$131.82 +GST

Men’s Equinox Softshell Jacket

$99.99 +GST

Men’s Equinox Softshell Vest

$77.26 +GST

Men’s Colorado Jacket

$209.08 +GST

Men’s Mission Ridge Jacket

$254.54 +GST

Stockholm Crewneck Sweatshirt

$59.05 +GST

Stockholm Sweatpant

$59.05 +GST

Men’s Playlist Tee

$27.23 +GST

Men’s Advantage Polo

$81.77 +GST

Men’s Long Sleeved Advantage Polo

$90.86 +GST

Men’s Genre Polo

$72.68 +GST

Men’s Prospect Polo

$63.59 +GST

Men’s Forge Polo

$81.77 +GST

Virtue EcoPique Polo

$63.59 +GST

Men’s Clique Charge Active Polo

$45.41 +GST

Men’s Clique Spin Dye Polo

$45.41 +GST

Men’s Shoreline Half Zip

$105.45 +GST

Men’s Saturday Crew Neck Sweatshirt

$79.95 +GST

Adapt Half Zip

$104.50 +GST

Our Guide to Buying the Ideal Men's Golf Wear

At Cutter & Buck, we strive to create without limits when it comes to our men's golf wear. We understand the benefits of being active and embracing the outdoors, even on a rainy day. We share our passion for active living with everyone and strive to provide attire to make your experiences superb.


Our Variety of Golf Attire

The variety of golf attire in our collection provides iconic styles, no matter where you go. In addition, our clothing is remarkably adaptable, allowing you to wear any of our garments to the course or on your daily runabout. Our extensive range of attire is sure to become one of your favourites.

  • The most generic form of men's golf shirts is the polo shirt – the most traditional shirt style for summer. However, men's golf polos are the one clothing item you can find in any man's closet, and it's our top recommendation for the golf course.

  • The weather is an aspect we always consider, and we provide a line of the highest quality pullover sweatshirts and a range of other jackets to ensure you get the most out of your game, regardless of what the weather decides to do.

  • We recommend one of our sweatshirts for a light breeze, as this will keep the chill from distracting you from your game. Opt for warmer jackets such as a hoodie, Rainier vest, or a softshell jacket for colder weather.

  • Deciding which golf pants to wear for the day can be tedious since our weather can change instantaneously. Why not pack an additional pair of pants if the weather decides to turn on you? Our variety allows for that. We design our men's golf shorts and men's golf pants with the goal of comfort and flexibility to ensure you play your best game.


Why You Should Invest in Cutter & Buck

Cutter & Buck hold a positive attitude towards the future of outdoor activities. We design our men’s golf clothes to provide confidence and versatility. We are enthusiastic about supplying our customers with the best quality and confidently pursue our goals.

  • We are always looking for new ways forward. We consistently seek out new and innovative ideas to evolve our range and strive to provide you with only the best.

  • Our ambitious standards ensure you receive superb quality and craftsmanship when purchasing any of our products. In addition, we continuously raise our standards as we evolve our products and develop our community.

  • At Cutter & Buck, we aim to minimise our environmental impact by making products that you can reuse and stand the test of time. In addition, our versatile and durable gear allows you to go from the golf course to lunch in style.


More About Cutter & Buck

At Cutter & Buck Australia, we provide you with the highest quality products available. For over 16 years, our customer service and support team has provided you with the best care and consistently exceeds expectations. We take our inspiration from the active lifestyle and spirit. Over the past quarter-century, we've had the opportunity to build a reputation for our attention to detail, high quality, innovative use of the latest technology and exceptional customer service.

We offer a vast collection of clothing that allows you to enjoy your active lifestyle in comfort while looking good. We design, manufacture, and distribute only premium garments and take pride in providing quality that meets the demands of our customers – our collection represents our high standards.

Place your orders online or contact us for any further queries.